Life’s A Picnic (Basket)


With fourth of July around the corner, many people are spending the rest of June grilling burgers on charcoal and  drinking cool refreshments outdoors. This week, I brought this imagery to life with a picnic of my own. Having spent my fair share of hours out in the sun, a maxi skirt-tank- ensemble paired with my favorite sandals made for the most comfortable/ wearable outfit. Bringing out a blanket and patterned pillows gave way to lots of room for lounging outside with friends.  This layout, along with fresh fruit in colorful plates and a cool glass of Mama Chia’s BlackBerry Hibiscus, made for a great day out in the sun.


Two Piece: Ann Taylor

Sandals: Hollister

Pillows and Blanket: Ikea

Accessories: Target

Featured Fave of the Week:  Dolce& Gabbana Light Blue. 

I love this light floral scent,  especially the fact that it has really great lasting power throughout the day!  It’s the perfect  fresh, yet feminine perfume for the summer months.




“Vacation Like You Mean It”



This week’s post revolves around all things fairy dust and Seuss related.  Whether you are going to Universal Studios in Orlando or Cedar Point in Sandusky, a theme park typically translates into warm weather and long lines. My fashion choices reflect the need to remain comfortable  in peaking temperatures while not straying away from my personal style. Gingham prints are back for the summer time!! While I browsed the clothing at H&M, I noticed that while the cuts of dresses and blouses have changed this year, this classic pattern never goes out of style. For those us who are not rollercoaster enthusiasts, there’s something at these parks for you.

Featured Fave of the Week:  Disney Movies and their respective soundtracks.  Blasting ” I Have a Dream” on the car ride over was basically the best thing ever.

Comments? Drop a line below letting me know what you like  most about theme parks!

Blouse: H&M

Shorts: Hollister

Belt and Wristlet: Target

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Shoes: Ked’s


Remembering Her.


Album from Iphone 114 copy.jpgIMG_2276.JPGPhotos from Iphone 353.JPG

Anyone who knows me knows that I am a dog lover, and  animal advocate. This past Tuesday,  our  Emmy, passed on to Rainbow Bridge.  I know that even though she is no longer here with us in a physical form, she remains, within our hearts. This has been my first real encounter with grief, and I know that even though we miss her everyday, I am thankful  to have had the the opportunity to have a companion who loved with all of her heart. Although we did not have you for your first 10 ( or 12, the vet still doesn’t know because you were such a spunky girl), we had four and a half years that I will always remember. Emmy: you were such a  beautiful and fearless girl, and you enriched our lives beyond belief. We miss you beautiful girl, this one’s for you.

Your sis



Day to Night Look





Day to Night.

You plan for a day out and dress casually for the occasion. It hits five or six in the afternoon and you realize you will be out for the remainder of the evening. We face this dilemma  pretty frequently, especially as college students. Often times, going back home to change is not an option, so I decided  to conquer that mission this week. I took a LBD       (little black dress) from day to night.  The same dress serves both purposes– it only took an adjustment in accessories to pull these looks together.

Featured Fave of the Week: Emotion by Carly Rae Jepsen

This album sets Jepsen apart from her “Call Me Maybe” days, and is reminiscent of 80’s pop songs.  I highly recommend “Making the Most of the Night”, which compliments this  week’s theme.

Thoughts? Drop a line below!


Dress: H & M

Denim Vest: H & M

Flats: DSW

Necklace: Lauren Conrad

Bracelets: Ann Taylor, Etsy


Blazer: Macy’s

Flats: Bandolino

Bangles: Target Styles