Case of the Blues// Birthday Week


Yes, it’s me!  I’m still here.

I missed blogging over this two week hiatus ( totally unplanned, but inevitable with the start of another semester and the move into my new apartment).  I was definitely all over the place this week.  I was the girl in a frenzy, laptop and notebook in hand, my mind one step ahead of my physical capabilities. It’s funny because I don’t think that I realize this until I’m actually running all over campus. Praise the heavens for a schedule of afternoon classes,  and not because I plan on sleeping in.  I have always been a morning person, so even the idea of cramming my work load in the night gives me anxiety. I’m perfectly okay with being the only “crazy”college student/human to want to be in the library at 7:30 in the morning. If anything, I embrace this label and literally go running with it on the walk over. There’s also the fact that my birthday always falls on the first week of school.  When I was younger, that meant store bought cupcakes in my elementary school classroom, and a pick of my choosing from the treasure chest. However, as I got older, I  became accustomed to the celebration of my birthday on a week where everyone was just getting acclimated to their schedules. This year was different in that I already had roots in my university, and  a sense of security/ confidence in my plans post- graduation. From the classic button down to printed shorts ,this outfit is a extension of the polished, yet involved/ vastly changing nature of my first week. Because I gravitate towards simple blouses, I love to pair them with patterned pants or shorts, especially those in the same color range. In the face of heat and walks to my classes, this makes for the most comfortable look from my wardrobe.

Button Down: Old Navy

Printed Shorts: Forever 21

Tote: Nordstrom’s ( also reversible in cream, I would recommend this for those of you still on a quest for a backpack).

Flats: Ked’s

I’m interested in knowing your go-to outfits for back- to- school! Drop a line below letting me know how your first weeks went!

Until next week,




5 Back to School Essentials


Hey everyone!

With school quickly approaching, I wanted to use this week’s post  to make your lives a little bit easier. Back to school season entails more than spiral notebooks and #2 pencils, especially if you’re starting college this fall!  For example, a pair of Oxfords doubles as your  go -to for your Monday afternoon art class  and a night out with new friends.  In terms of book bags, I tend to gravitate towards backpacks with simple designs and classic fits.  This bag features the tassel trend that I have been seeing everywhere, ranging from clothing to decor items for the home.  Additionally, a”good” eye shadow palette, such as the Naked 3 by Urban Decay ( a cruelty- free company!) will be your  go-to for years to come.  The eyeshadows are tremendously creamy and long lasting; I’ve owned mine for over a year and haven’t hit pan on any of the shadows.

Whether you are interning at an advertising agency or  prepping a blog post in the late hours of the night, Adobe Photoshop is crucial, and often times, a life saver.

Wishing you all lots of luck in preparing for the start of another school year!




The Plain Jane: T-Shirt Dress



T-shirt Dress: Target

Flannel: American Eagle

Accessories: Delia’s

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Wristlet: Coach

Hey everyone!

This week’s post is all about T-shirt dresses! What I love about these dresses is how versatile they are. Living in a warm climate especially,  it can feel as if though shorts are your only option 24/7.  However,  this outfit is so  easy to put together– paired with your favorite sunglasses and a flannel, you’ve got your #OOTD in less than 5 minutes. The muted grey color is easy to wear year-round, even in the winter months, with the addition of a sweater or a coat.  The  printed purse adds a pop of color to the otherwise neutral look. Whether you’re out grabbing a coffee after work or running errands on a Sunday afternoon, this dress is your style guide!

Featured Fave of the Week: Dogspotting

If the only randos you’re interested in seeing are dogs, this is the Facebook group for you! Prepare for cuteness overload in your Facebook feed 🙂