Fall Lookbook: Fall Season is Here


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Hey everyone!

Coming to you guys with a (slightly) delayed blog post this week. The days are getting busier, and it’s hard to believe October is already around the corner. However, the time I devote to blogging is always my favorite, especially because it provides a respite from studying. It’s only September and I am already preparing my closet with scarves and my Spotify ready to blast Michael Buble and drink hot chocolate (it’s never too early, despite what other people tell you). Although I have never been to a  pumpkin patch, I was inspired to incorporate them into my fall series. They are one item on everyone’s shopping list, whether for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or the countless number of PSL Starbuck’s orders to be made this year.  What I love most about this time of year is the layering that you can do (weather permitting). This military jacket provides me with the necessary warmth on a slightly cooler day. I’m not talking snow storms, but when temperatures dip in the 50s and 60s, I plan to wear this pretty frequently. One of my favorite elements in this dress is it’s mock neck, since it plays on the turtleneck trend without detracting from the stripes. Anyone who knows me knows that my vision is by no means 20/20, so opting for a pair or frames, such as this tortoise shell pair, can be the finishing touch to a look.

I hope that you are all as excited for fall as I am! Drop a line down below letting me know.

Featured Fave of the Week: Dancing With The Stars. Watching other talented individuals dance is the best start to every week, especially with my case of the Mondays. The show just returned with a member of the Final Five– I couldn’t get enough of Laurie in Rio and can’t wait to see her performance.

Dress: Gift/ Military Jacket: PacSun/ Moccasins: Ann Taylor

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Fall Lookbook: Lace Up Leather


Hey everyone!

For those of you who may have missed last week’s post, or are new to this blog, welcome! This week is another installment of the new Fall Lookbook series that I started here on this blog! This week, I want to showcase how I play with texture in my outfits, especially when transitioning into a new season. Lace is  a very light and feminine fabric and is typically synonymous with the summer months. However, it’s quite easy to transform the piece into one that easily fits in the colder weather. I paired the dark, peplum-style top with a faux leather jacket and some wine-colored pants.  The faux leather compliments the dainty lace because it stays within the same color range, while providing a contrast  in fabrics, which I love to style. This pair of maroon pants serves to tie the look together because of the stark contrast in color, a color that we all have at least one item in our fall wardrobes.

I love the fact that this outfit breaks traditional fashion “norms”, and it’s representative of my ability to feel both powerful and feminine at the same time.  As the winter months approach,  this doesn’t mean that all of your summer clothes have to be forced into the back of your closet for another year. Outerwear– jackets, coats, sweaters ( and the list goes on), serve to keep your warm and relevant fashion-wise, while dressing up light fabrics like skirts or “summer/spring” blouses.  This week has been all about catching up on work, so having a day to dress up and walk around campus was exciting. I hope that this look inspires some of you out there! Tune in next week for another look into my fall weather wardrobe.

Check out my instagram @nicoleakerman if you are interested in knowing what I am up the rest of the week! You’ll never miss another post 😉

Top: H&M/ Jacket: Bernardo/ Pants: Lauren Conrad/ Flats: DSW


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Fall Lookbook: Ivy




Hey everyone!

I’m coming back to you guys this week with a new series here on my blog! Since September rolled around, I decided that a Fall Lookbook series would be something that I’m interested in exploring on this platform, especially for all of us embracing the changing of the leaves and the (slightly) colder/ breezier weather. With classes finally moving forward and plenty of other things going around in my life– like my internship with CollegeFashionista and involvement  on campus, I am starting to realize just how busy I am going to be.  Despite the workload, I’m finally honing in on what I love to learn about in the business world, as well as in fashion, through my involvement on campus. I have learned that finding what you are passionate about takes time, but the end result is tremendously  rewarding. Take the risk. You never know how one thing can lead to the next. I met one of my good friends–Hongki, a foreign exchange student– in a communications course! Beyond providing my fair share of wisdom for the week, I’ve started to love accessories I would not normally wear, like floppy hats. Besides evoking Taylor Swift circa 2012, they make any outfit infinitely more eye catching, and  will save me from my fair share of bad hair days.  I also failed to address my blonde hair last post, but  I guess it’s never too late. Yes, I actually dyed my hair for once and I’m loving it! I love the way that it looks against my darker tops. While it contrasts, it brings more attention to my look as a whole ( new year, new hair).

Striped Top: Gap

Skirt: Forever 21

Hat: H&M

Shoes: DSW

Bringing back the “Featured Fave of the Week” with my featured artist Frank Ocean.
“Ivy” off of one of his new albums, Blonde, has been on repeat in my apartment and inspired my title for this week’s outfit!

Until next week,