This is What (Velvet) Dreams are Made Of


Hey everyone!

Coming to you guys this week with a post all about my new favorite fall trend–velvet. Designers have been especially apt to use the fabric, as it seems to be the talk of the runway. Whether imagined through a bright colored jumpsuit or a blazer-trouser ensemble, velvet conveys elegance in a modern way. I wear dresses over skirts any day of the week, but I’m starting to notice how versatile a well fitted skirt is. This button front skirt with scalloped detailing adds femininity to any outfit, and I can easily transition it into the colder months ahead. Although I can still get away with the luxury of wearing shorts and rompers for a few more weeks, being able to wear a chunky sweater and drink hot chocolate ( without any judgment) is something that I can’t help but look forward to. Prepping fashion wise for me is the most fun, but the holiday spirit is what I count down to the most. My favorite coffee shop becomes more cozy, and replicating that “homey” feeling is nearly impossible.  It is a place where I can collect my thoughts and unwind after a long day of classes/work/ anything else on the average college student’s mind. I encourage you all to find that comfortable place, separate from your physical home, but one that still evokes that same sense of familiarity.  The future is promising– I’ve made it through another set of midterms, I may have nearly finished my entire pint of coconut milk ice cream, and an online order from Lulus is making its way over. Online shopping has become a bit of a problem for me, especially because I use it under the pretense of “stress” from exams.

Drop a line below letting me know in the comments how your week has been going, and what you are looking most forward to!

T-Shirt + Skirt: Kohl’s/ Jewelry:  Lauren Conrad, Misc/ Shoes: Older pair of Oxfords

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Fall Lookbook: Fall Season is Here


number 2.jpg


Hey everyone!

Coming to you guys with a (slightly) delayed blog post this week. The days are getting busier, and it’s hard to believe October is already around the corner. However, the time I devote to blogging is always my favorite, especially because it provides a respite from studying. It’s only September and I am already preparing my closet with scarves and my Spotify ready to blast Michael Buble and drink hot chocolate (it’s never too early, despite what other people tell you). Although I have never been to a  pumpkin patch, I was inspired to incorporate them into my fall series. They are one item on everyone’s shopping list, whether for Halloween or Thanksgiving, or the countless number of PSL Starbuck’s orders to be made this year.  What I love most about this time of year is the layering that you can do (weather permitting). This military jacket provides me with the necessary warmth on a slightly cooler day. I’m not talking snow storms, but when temperatures dip in the 50s and 60s, I plan to wear this pretty frequently. One of my favorite elements in this dress is it’s mock neck, since it plays on the turtleneck trend without detracting from the stripes. Anyone who knows me knows that my vision is by no means 20/20, so opting for a pair or frames, such as this tortoise shell pair, can be the finishing touch to a look.

I hope that you are all as excited for fall as I am! Drop a line down below letting me know.

Featured Fave of the Week: Dancing With The Stars. Watching other talented individuals dance is the best start to every week, especially with my case of the Mondays. The show just returned with a member of the Final Five– I couldn’t get enough of Laurie in Rio and can’t wait to see her performance.

Dress: Gift/ Military Jacket: PacSun/ Moccasins: Ann Taylor

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Fall Lookbook: Lace Up Leather


Hey everyone!

For those of you who may have missed last week’s post, or are new to this blog, welcome! This week is another installment of the new Fall Lookbook series that I started here on this blog! This week, I want to showcase how I play with texture in my outfits, especially when transitioning into a new season. Lace is  a very light and feminine fabric and is typically synonymous with the summer months. However, it’s quite easy to transform the piece into one that easily fits in the colder weather. I paired the dark, peplum-style top with a faux leather jacket and some wine-colored pants.  The faux leather compliments the dainty lace because it stays within the same color range, while providing a contrast  in fabrics, which I love to style. This pair of maroon pants serves to tie the look together because of the stark contrast in color, a color that we all have at least one item in our fall wardrobes.

I love the fact that this outfit breaks traditional fashion “norms”, and it’s representative of my ability to feel both powerful and feminine at the same time.  As the winter months approach,  this doesn’t mean that all of your summer clothes have to be forced into the back of your closet for another year. Outerwear– jackets, coats, sweaters ( and the list goes on), serve to keep your warm and relevant fashion-wise, while dressing up light fabrics like skirts or “summer/spring” blouses.  This week has been all about catching up on work, so having a day to dress up and walk around campus was exciting. I hope that this look inspires some of you out there! Tune in next week for another look into my fall weather wardrobe.

Check out my instagram @nicoleakerman if you are interested in knowing what I am up the rest of the week! You’ll never miss another post 😉

Top: H&M/ Jacket: Bernardo/ Pants: Lauren Conrad/ Flats: DSW


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Fall Lookbook: Ivy




Hey everyone!

I’m coming back to you guys this week with a new series here on my blog! Since September rolled around, I decided that a Fall Lookbook series would be something that I’m interested in exploring on this platform, especially for all of us embracing the changing of the leaves and the (slightly) colder/ breezier weather. With classes finally moving forward and plenty of other things going around in my life– like my internship with CollegeFashionista and involvement  on campus, I am starting to realize just how busy I am going to be.  Despite the workload, I’m finally honing in on what I love to learn about in the business world, as well as in fashion, through my involvement on campus. I have learned that finding what you are passionate about takes time, but the end result is tremendously  rewarding. Take the risk. You never know how one thing can lead to the next. I met one of my good friends–Hongki, a foreign exchange student– in a communications course! Beyond providing my fair share of wisdom for the week, I’ve started to love accessories I would not normally wear, like floppy hats. Besides evoking Taylor Swift circa 2012, they make any outfit infinitely more eye catching, and  will save me from my fair share of bad hair days.  I also failed to address my blonde hair last post, but  I guess it’s never too late. Yes, I actually dyed my hair for once and I’m loving it! I love the way that it looks against my darker tops. While it contrasts, it brings more attention to my look as a whole ( new year, new hair).

Striped Top: Gap

Skirt: Forever 21

Hat: H&M

Shoes: DSW

Bringing back the “Featured Fave of the Week” with my featured artist Frank Ocean.
“Ivy” off of one of his new albums, Blonde, has been on repeat in my apartment and inspired my title for this week’s outfit!

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Case of the Blues// Birthday Week


Yes, it’s me!  I’m still here.

I missed blogging over this two week hiatus ( totally unplanned, but inevitable with the start of another semester and the move into my new apartment).  I was definitely all over the place this week.  I was the girl in a frenzy, laptop and notebook in hand, my mind one step ahead of my physical capabilities. It’s funny because I don’t think that I realize this until I’m actually running all over campus. Praise the heavens for a schedule of afternoon classes,  and not because I plan on sleeping in.  I have always been a morning person, so even the idea of cramming my work load in the night gives me anxiety. I’m perfectly okay with being the only “crazy”college student/human to want to be in the library at 7:30 in the morning. If anything, I embrace this label and literally go running with it on the walk over. There’s also the fact that my birthday always falls on the first week of school.  When I was younger, that meant store bought cupcakes in my elementary school classroom, and a pick of my choosing from the treasure chest. However, as I got older, I  became accustomed to the celebration of my birthday on a week where everyone was just getting acclimated to their schedules. This year was different in that I already had roots in my university, and  a sense of security/ confidence in my plans post- graduation. From the classic button down to printed shorts ,this outfit is a extension of the polished, yet involved/ vastly changing nature of my first week. Because I gravitate towards simple blouses, I love to pair them with patterned pants or shorts, especially those in the same color range. In the face of heat and walks to my classes, this makes for the most comfortable look from my wardrobe.

Button Down: Old Navy

Printed Shorts: Forever 21

Tote: Nordstrom’s ( also reversible in cream, I would recommend this for those of you still on a quest for a backpack).

Flats: Ked’s

I’m interested in knowing your go-to outfits for back- to- school! Drop a line below letting me know how your first weeks went!

Until next week,



5 Back to School Essentials


Hey everyone!

With school quickly approaching, I wanted to use this week’s post  to make your lives a little bit easier. Back to school season entails more than spiral notebooks and #2 pencils, especially if you’re starting college this fall!  For example, a pair of Oxfords doubles as your  go -to for your Monday afternoon art class  and a night out with new friends.  In terms of book bags, I tend to gravitate towards backpacks with simple designs and classic fits.  This bag features the tassel trend that I have been seeing everywhere, ranging from clothing to decor items for the home.  Additionally, a”good” eye shadow palette, such as the Naked 3 by Urban Decay ( a cruelty- free company!) will be your  go-to for years to come.  The eyeshadows are tremendously creamy and long lasting; I’ve owned mine for over a year and haven’t hit pan on any of the shadows.

Whether you are interning at an advertising agency or  prepping a blog post in the late hours of the night, Adobe Photoshop is crucial, and often times, a life saver.

Wishing you all lots of luck in preparing for the start of another school year!




The Plain Jane: T-Shirt Dress



T-shirt Dress: Target

Flannel: American Eagle

Accessories: Delia’s

Sunglasses: Forever 21

Wristlet: Coach

Hey everyone!

This week’s post is all about T-shirt dresses! What I love about these dresses is how versatile they are. Living in a warm climate especially,  it can feel as if though shorts are your only option 24/7.  However,  this outfit is so  easy to put together– paired with your favorite sunglasses and a flannel, you’ve got your #OOTD in less than 5 minutes. The muted grey color is easy to wear year-round, even in the winter months, with the addition of a sweater or a coat.  The  printed purse adds a pop of color to the otherwise neutral look. Whether you’re out grabbing a coffee after work or running errands on a Sunday afternoon, this dress is your style guide!

Featured Fave of the Week: Dogspotting

If the only randos you’re interested in seeing are dogs, this is the Facebook group for you! Prepare for cuteness overload in your Facebook feed 🙂

Updating your Home Space! (The IKEA to your home)




This week’s post is all about finding pieces for your home that reflect your personal style!

In the midst of shopping for my own apartment, I ventured off to IKEA for the afternoon.  IKEA is not only economical but tremendously versatile, there is something for everyone’s taste!  Although I won’t be updating my kitchen cabinets anytime soon,  I loved browsing through the various options, ranging from light wood to a more classical dark wood finish. ( Hardcore HGTV fans, where you at)?

Ikea specializes  in maximizing small spaces, which is perfect for college students like myself. Larger furniture tends to overwhelm small spaces, so the scale of the furniture fits the average college apartment, while remaining modern at the same time.

White walls can feel dull, so choosing an accent color, like one hidden in your cabinets, can freshen up the space. For me personally,  I took the turquoise color of my cabinets into the living room through accent pillows, and decorative boxes.

Whether you’re updating your space for the summer through a bright colored throw, or purchasing new bedroom furniture,  I hope some of my personal style tips help you in your own homes.


Sweater: Vintage

Jeans: Uniqlo

Chokers: DIY ( If you’re interested in a DIY, let me know in the comments below! 🙂 )


Off-the-Shoulder Style



Top: American Eagle

Jeans: American Eagle

Oxfords: TBA

This week’s post is all about the off-the-shoulder trend. Whether you are embracing the trend through a top or  a dress- it is reminiscent of  the classic beauties that made it popular in the 50’s. Yes, I’m referring to Grace Kelly  and Audrey Hepburn. Obviously, the version that is now ubiquitous  in magazines  and making its way into the closets of millions of women is much different. I like that fashion is cyclical, but also that two eras  are never identical. This trend is versatile: you can style it casually with a pair of Oxfords and light fitted jeans like I did, or opt for a skirt and printed heels for a more formal look.

Featured Fave of the Week: Grey’s Anatomy

For those of you unfamiliar with the  show, I recommend starting it asap. I jumped on the Grey’s bandwagon much later than most, but binge watched so many episodes that I am      (almost) caught up. Although this television show strays drastically from my interests in the fashion industry– (the medical field is not my calling), the  characters basically become your best friends, and the drama intensifies even more every season.

Overall rating: 4.8 /5


Stars and Stripes


Blouse: Kohl’s

Necklace: Vintage

Scarf: Forever 21

Shorts: Hollister

Jean Jacket: Forever 21

I spent this 4th of July weekend nestled on a beach chair drinking Piña Colada, and enjoying the ocean spray.  I channeled my patriotic side with a star spangled blouse and a classic Americana jean jacket. The ensemble came together with an American flag scarf.

I remain grateful for all of the the men and women in uniform who keep us safe.

Happy 4th!  How did you all celebrate this  Independence Day?

Drop a line below!